Why Use GuestDelight Hotel Software At Your Hotel?

Running a hotel is time-consuming and can be quite stressful. There’s a lot to take into account, and if any area of the hotel is not up to scratch then it can ruin the guest experience. If you want to impress your guests, then you need to combine the best of customer service and the best of technology, to empower your guests and create a great environment.

Enter GuestDelight

GuestDelight is a new way of allowing guests to communicate with your hotel staff. It lets you connect to your guests, and uses a combination of reputation management software and CRM tools, as well as tools to improve the experience the guest has from reservation to check out.

Why use GuestDelight Hotel Software?

There are a lot of different apps and systems out there, so why use Guestdelight Hotel Software? What makes it different to the other platforms? Well, it’s the feature set and the ease of use that really sets it apart from more ‘hotel management’ centric platforms. This is a set of software that was designed with the guests in mind.

Exceed Your Guest’s Expectations

GuestDelight offers you the chance to create a good first impression for your guests, and to exceed their expectations from that very first interaction. When a guest makes a reservation, they will be sent a welcome mail that offers tips and advice about the local area. From there, they can have a friendly check-in experience, a good stay, and an efficient check out too.

The service includes a FollowUpMail system that will collect feedback from your guests before they get home and start posting reviews online. This means that you have the chance to turn happy guests into ambassadors, and you’ll also find out about bad experiences, and be able to take action to satisfy unhappy guests before they start posting online.

The software also lets you stay in touch with guests long term, so that you can secure repeat visitors and understand which guests are regulars so that you can give them some little bonuses.

Go Above and Beyond

When you’re wondering “Why use Guestdelight Hotel Software?”, one thing that you should consider is how much you know about your guests, how they feel, and what the experience has been like for them as a hotel guest. You probably deal with thousands of people every year, and being ‘personal’ with each of those people is simply not possible.

The GuestDelight software makes it easier to tailor your interactions with each guest. You can use it to collect feedback from them (and associate that feedback with them), and you can use it to keep track of the guests from when they book to after they leave. Instead of relying on third-party platforms for marketing, it lets you take control of the marketing for yourself.

A Rapidly Evolving Industry

Hotel marketing is evolving constantly, and it’s hard for a property owner to keep up; especially one that is an independent. The industry is hugely competitive, and the average owner has other things to focus on to improve their guest experience. Online marketing and customer relationship management are two things that should be left to the experts, while owners focus on the thing that they are experts in. Hospitality.

This cloud-based software will run on most phones, laptops and PCs. As long as you have a modern machine and an internet connection you can interact with your guests, and empower them to empower you. It’s a good idea to try to keep your guests focused on your brand as much as possible, interacting with them on a long-term basis. Even if they aren’t frequent fliers, they may well be creatures of habit. If they stay with you when they go to visit family this year, then they may be interested in coming back next year. You could achieve a lot by staying in touch with them and offering promotions during quiet periods and reminders to book when busy periods are coming up.

There are other platforms that offer similar services, which is why it’s common to hear people ask, why use GuestDelight hotel software? It’s the ease of use that really sets it apart and the fact that it was designed from the ground up to be used by the hotel industry specifically.

If you’re used to working with other general marketing software such as Salesforce CRM then you’ve probably notice that the software can be frustrating, hard to use, and error-prone. It takes a lot of training to get the most out of such platforms and they can be incredibly expensive too because they are designed for large enterprises with dedicated customer management teams and marketing teams. You most likely have a team of staff at your hotel, but they will be front office staff, chefs, cleaners, and concierge staff, not people who are focused on marketing on social media or online.

Work With The Influencers

There’s a huge trend in the hospitality industry to work with influencers. They are the people who have massive Instagram followings and who post aspirational and inspirational content. The theory is that these influencers are followed by those who are interested in getting ideas for their next luxury holiday. They are followed by families that want to do fun things with their kids, or by people who dream of sun, sea and sand and want to know where to go for the best holiday experience.

Doubtless, you will have had messages from such influencers looking to get a special deal. Judging which influencers to work with and who is simply looking for a cheap holiday can be tricky. Look at the profile of the influencer and how many followers they have. Consider how many likes, regrams and shares each post is getting, and the number of comments too.

It is easy to buy fake followers on Instagram, and a large number of fake followers is worth very little. A good profile that is full of comments and interaction, however, even if it is followed by a smaller number of people, is likely to be worth a lot more. Especially if the ‘influencer’ knows their audience well and is able to share highly targetted content that makes your establishment look appealing.

Having a good relationship with those influencers will go a long way towards getting you favorable mentions and shares. Send them a personal welcome email with a list of things to check out in the local area. Work with them to ensure that they get the best experience when they land at the airport. Stay in touch and collect feedback during and after the stay. If anything goes wrong, fix it promptly.

Follow up with birthday vouchers and other offers – and do the same for other valued guests. Remember that in a world of chains and corporations, having those little personal interactions with people will go a long way towards reinforcing the luxury brand, and will make your property far more appealing to the desirable kind of clientelle.

Software can’t tidy rooms, leave soap and towels in the bathroom or mints on the pillow, but it can help to present the same “finishing touches” at the start of the interaction, before the guests arrive. From there, they already have a pleasant experience to set the tone, and they’re more likely to be enthusiastic about the rest of the stay. It’s the little things that pay off and make your experience all the more memorable for people in the long term.

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