The Best Hotel Marketing Tools – It’s Time To Go Digital

Just like any other business, marketing is incredibly important for creating and sustaining the success of a hotel. This is why you want to use the best hotel marketing tools while keeping your budget in check. And it’s a good thing you found this basic guide for maximizing your current strategy. Because if you are not using one of the following tools, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

However, before getting deeper into the best hotel marketing tools, you’ll notice something in specific. All of these tools are digital. Why? Because digital marketing is incredibly affordable, sustainable, and more effective than any other form of marketing other than personal recommendations. There is simply no denying how powerful a referral from a satisfied client can be, but you only have limited control in this regard.

If you want people to use your hotel and provide you with a chance to impress them enough to spread the word, you have to get your marketing strategy in place.

1. Always Start With A Website

It can’t be said enough, but having a website is crucial for every modern business. And if you don’t have one, you are simply not on the map.

While local brick and mortar businesses won’t really see the point in starting a website (although this is definitely the wrong approach) your focal point will not just be on the locals. Instead, you want to spread the word about your hotel as far as possible, seeing as the more people you can book into your hotel rooms the better.

Now, consider a website as your online headquarters. And from here you can post pictures and media about the hotel while adding interesting content to convince travellers why they should entertain a few nights at your special place.

When it comes down to it, a website allows you to launch and run several marketing campaigns, and they are all directing the traffic to one manageable place. Also, when you optimise your site, you tap into organic traffic, the richest sources of converting traffic available on the web.

2. Social Media

If numbers and exposure are what you want, definitely consider using social media. It is one of the best hotel marketing tools, provided you use the most relevant platform.

Unfortunately, there is more to using social media platforms than creating a profile and stalking online users to follow you. Yes, it’s a tool, but it’s a tool you have to use right. Otherwise, you will only create a reputation for spamming.

In other words, you want to share links and media people will find useful or entertaining. Because building a relationship with other users becomes an important part of the strategy.

3. Reputation management

Before spending thousands of euro’s on trying to attract new customers don’t forget to remember those that have already been to your hotel and loved it.

The easiest clients  you’ll ever attract to your business are the happy customers that have already stayed in your hotel.

This is where Guest Delight can help you the most, our system allows you to create discussion with existing, future and previous hotel guests. The Guest Delight system is non evasive to hotel guests and easy to use.

4. Link Building

Link building is when you reach out to authority sites within the hotel industry and getting to know them better. Why? Because they have websites with high rankings and loads of traffic. So, one of the best hotel marketing tools will always be link building.

The purpose is to get a link to your homepage on one of these authority sites, and you typically do it with an interesting guest post. But keep in mind that every website owner will have their own requirements for posting guest blogs and links. Plus, if they don’t think you take it seriously enough, they are not going to share their space.

However, there is another advantage associated with link building – search engine visibility. The more healthy links you build the more search engines will pay attention to your site.

5. Paid Advertising

When you talk about paid advertising, you are talking about an effective shortcut. The only catch is that paid advertising costs more than the other marketing tools mentioned already. So, you have to ask yourself how much you are willing to spend, and where are users going to end up once they click on the ad?

As you are reading this, there are many publishers you can experiment with. One of the most popular is no doubt Google Adwords, which will see you bidding on keywords. But just like with social media, there is an effective and ineffective way to approach paid advertising.

For example, if you choose to go with Google Adwords and the keywords you bid on are just too competitive, you might not see a lot of action. This means the right keywords have to be researched before any bidding should be done on your part.

At the same time, address the issue of where users will land after following the ad. Because without a website, paid advertising won’t make much sense.

6. Email Lists

Who says that every hotel marketing strategy should only focus on getting new clients? The reality is that much of your business will depend on returning clients, and you can use this to your advantage. More specifically, you should build an email list.

After a client has had a pleasant stay, they should get the option of signing up for your newsletter or email list. Of course, you can choose to reward them for signing up in some small way, and once you have their emails, you can stay in contact.

Being able to quickly share special promotions immediately can definitely help to sustain a business. But there is a line you can cross if you keep sending emails your clients don’t find interesting. Plus, if you are just bombarding them with prices and specials focused on your hotel, prepared to get associated with the spam folder.

Avoid this at all cost by only sending spaced out emails clients can appreciate, even if it has nothing to do with your hotel. Remember, they already used your services and they liked it. You just want to remind them to come back every now and again.

If you haven’t considered digital marketing tools for developing your hotel, you can’t afford to wait any longer. It’s the only way you can effectively compete in the modern world without having millions of pounds for a marketing budget.