GuestDelight connects directly with your guests so you can communicate with them in your own way. With our reputation management software, your guests will be able to easily communicate with you either through their computer or mobile device. By making your hotel more user-friendly, you will see better reviews and more customers coming in your doors.


Privacy declaration

At GuestDelight we respect your privacy. It is of great importance to us to protect your personal data and will take all necessary measures regarding the security of your personal data. We treat this data with the utmost care in order to guarantee safe processing. We collect the legal obligations regarding the processing of personal data and privacy when collecting your data. By visiting our website or providing us with information you agree to our privacy policy as set out in this statement.

We act in accordance with the “Act of 08.12.1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data”. This privacy law offers a general minimum level of protection and includes both the rights and obligations of the person whose data are processed and the rights and obligations of the processor himself. We also act in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation that has been in force since 25 May 2018. This places higher demands on organizations and companies that use data.

This statement describes, in addition to the various types of information that we collect from you or that you provide us with, also the purposes for collecting, using, maintaining, protecting and disclosing it. Please read this privacy statement carefully. We reserve the right to amend this privacy statement from time to time if necessary. The most recent statement will be published here. You can check this by regularly visiting our website to ensure that you are aware of the latest version.

All information on this website was checked with great care. However, we can not be held liable for the content of our website in terms of accuracy, topicality and completeness.

What information do we collect?

You provide us with information by, for example, using our website, by e-mail, a contract, telephone contact or via other communication channels.

We collect different types of information when you use our website. This can be, for example, the duration of your visit, which products you have viewed, information about your interaction (scrolling, clicks, etc ..), the full URL (Uniform Resource Locators) and other actions. Technical information is also collected. You can think of the browser type, the IP address, operating systems and login data. This information is used for various purposes.

The information we collect depends on the products or services you use and your privacy settings. We also receive information about you via third parties. We collect data through cookies, web beacons and similar technologies.

  • Cookies: small text files that are placed on the hard drive of your computer via a website. Cookies are necessary for our services to function. By using cookies, we can save your settings and preferences, send you customized offers or advertisements and fight fraud. Security measures have been put in place to prevent fraud. Access to the cookie data is limited only to our authorized service providers and ourselves. A cookie ensures that different users can be distinguished from each other. Cookies are there in many shapes and sizes. For example, permanent cookies can stay on your computer for years (if you do not delete them) and contain information such as log-in details. If you delete a permanent cookie, you must log in again. Session cookies are only used temporarily and are immediately deleted when you close your browser.

    Cookies can be switched off, blocked or deleted if your device permits. You can manage this in your browser or in the settings of your device. Options may differ per browser and the settings must be set separately. For more information you can check the settings of your browser or device. If you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to use certain applications or functions. Third-party cookies are bound by the privacy policy of the third party.

  • Web beacons: pages from our website or e-mails sent by us may contain web beacons. These are small graphic images, which are generally not visible to the user, but transparent or have the same color as their background. They are usually used in combination with cookies, so that one can identify the behavior of users and thereby analyze when an e-mail is viewed or a web page visited. Other technologies, such as pixel ‘tags’ allow us to keep track of the number of visitors to the page (s), who visited our page (s), or other relevant statistics. It can also trigger a series of actions by means of ‘triggers’, such as sending a form or loading a new page.

  • Why do we collect your data?

    We collect information about you for different purposes. You can read the main reasons below;

    • To provide you with the information you request from us
      • To provide you with information about our other services and services
      • To improve the presentation of our website and services
      • To provide you with any tools that optimize safety
      • To fulfill our obligations if you have signed a contract with us
      • To meet every goal you provide it for
      • To keep you informed about services for which you have already registered
      • To allow you to participate in various interactive functions
      • To assess the performance of our website, applications and utilities
      • To assess the performance of our services
      • To keep the safety of our website optimal
      • For internal purposes, such as research and data analysis
      • To provide you with various options such as a ‘shopping cart’ or saved searches
    It is possible that we use the collected information for advertising purposes. Although we do not release your personal information for these purposes without your permission, the advertiser may assume that you meet the target criteria if you click or respond to the offered advertisement.

    Sharing information and personal data

    It is possible that we make information about our users available to third parties, but this information does not contain any information that individuals can identify. We do this for example in the following cases;

    • If this information is required, we provide it to GuestDelight’s strategic partners for the processing of contractual obligations
      • To meet the purpose for which you make it available, such as a recommendation or discount email to a friend. In this mail, in addition to the usual information, your e-mail address will also be mentioned
      • We share collected information with subsidiaries and affiliates
      • We may engage an external party to process personal data on our behalf. However, this party is then bound by our privacy policy with regard to data and information.
      • If a merger, takeover or form of sale is planned, the assets are transferred to these third parties or the buyer. Personal details of our customers are among the assets.
      • If other service providers are bound by our privacy policy regarding the storage and processing of your personal data.
      • If we are required by law or if data are requested by the government or another official government agency, or to comply with a court order
      • We exchange information with other companies to prevent fraud. This is to protect our rights, property and safety – of us, our employees and our customers or others.

    Some content or applications on our website may be from third parties. These third parties may use cookies and / or web beacons to collect information when you use our website. They may use this information to provide you with advertisements based on your interests.

    We take no responsibility for the privacy policy of third parties. Not even if you have ended up on an external website via a link on our website or vice versa. Every website has its own privacy statement. We advise you to consult this if you visit another website.

    If we transfer personal data to parties outside the European Economic Area (EEA), this will be done in accordance with the requirements of the law, such as making agreements about the level of data protection in that country. Your data will also remain subject to the safeguards set out in the General Data Protection Regulation.

    Access your personal data

    If you wish to gain access to your personal data, you can request this by sending us an e-mail. Of course you have the right to inspect the personal information that we have stored about you. You can easily stop newsletters by clicking on an existing ‘unsubscribe link’ at the bottom of an e-mail. If your personal details are no longer correct because they are out of date, for example, you can ask us to correct this.

    If you do not want us to process your personal information or make it available to third parties, we will respect and do not. However, we can not do this without deleting your account. If you or another person requests information on your behalf, it may be that we ask for proof of identity. If you do not agree with the way your personal data are used, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

    How long do we keep your data?

    As long as necessary for the relevant services. If you have a contract with us, we will at least keep your details for as long as the contract has been recorded or as long as the duration of the contract. All your personal data stored on our systems and air safety. In some cases, it is legally required to retain certain data.

    We can identify and contact people with this personal information. Personal data to be processed by us includes (but is not limited to) for example: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, etc.


    If you have any further questions regarding this privacy statement, please contact us through the ‘contact’ link at the top of our website. Thank you for visiting our website.
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