Hotel Reputation Management Software

Today more than ever, hoteliers understand the powerful influence their perceived reputation among consumers has on their future. A great reputation can lead to exponential growth and success into the future by attracting more customers; or unfortunately, mark the start of the demise of an established or promising establishment.

The internet, through online search engines, customer review websites and social media platforms, has all but changed how hotel reputation management is conducted. These resources provide consumers with tons of information which they then use to make well informed decisions, such as hotel bookings in this case.

In today’s world, the reputation of a hotel is not solely driven by the narrative created by its ad campaigns on various channels. Consumers now have a variety of platforms through which they can share their experience and feedback with regard to any given hotel/brand. This means that they have a lot of power in creating a clear and believable picture of the establishment’s reputation based on their own personal experience.

Hotels can be able to mold the reputation being portrayed via online platforms to favor them by monitoring client feedback, and responding swiftly to any negative reviews or comments to avoid unnecessary damage.

It is however worth noting that monitoring all the feedback, comments and reviews made by consumers on different online platforms can be quite a challenge, especially for large establishments. Monitoring each different platform on its own, manually, can seem like managing a different establishment altogether.

This is where hotel reputation management software comes in. If you are yet to buy into this idea, or simply need more information about it, read on below to find out everything you need to know about these useful reputation management tools.

What Is Hotel Reputation Management Software?

Simply put, hotel reputation management solutions/software can be defined as a system that is designed to help shape image of a hotel online and with it, attract more customers and promote growth into the future.

These solutions are designed to monitor comments, posts and reviews made by customers online with respect to a particular hotel or brand. The sheer volume of online review, social media and feedback platforms makes manual feedback monitoring quite taxing to say the least. Hotel reputation management solutions make easy work of this by automatically monitoring all platforms simultaneously, and tracking what clients have to say, whether negative or positive.

The information collected by these automated solutions give marketing teams an idea of what customers think of the brand, and an idea of how outsiders see the brand. The software also allows users to make ad campaign and email submissions.

Since all the online mentions of the brand are conveniently displayed in a single location by the software, users can also make timely responses. As such, the marketing team can be able to respond to negative reviews, in a timely fashion, and avoid any permanent damage on the brand’s image. Furthermore, users can be able to comment on positive reviews and even promote their message.

What To Look For In An Automated Hotel Reputation Management Solution

Now that you have a comprehensive idea of what a hotel reputation management solution is, you might be considering using one to help with brand’s your marketing efforts. To ensure that you get the best results from the solution you end up choosing, be sure to look for the features and/or functions discussed below.

Security Features

These solutions are used to share a lot of confidential client information. To ensure that the competition does not get hold of the information your marketing team is using to build your brand’s image, and use it to further their own agenda, it’s recommended that you find a solution that employs tight security measures.

The solution must support the creation of roles and access permissions designed to secure the information contained therein.

Cost Effective

Tracking everything that internet users have to say about your brand can be expensive, time consuming and tiresome. Your decision to employ an automated system designed to accomplish this goal in a quick and efficient manner should result in substantial cost savings.

As such, it makes for you to ensure that you protect these cost savings by picking a cost effective solution. However, focus on finding a solution that offers the most value for the money invested, instead of simply focusing on one that saves you the most cash.

Real-time Tracking

One of the most significant reasons for using a hotel reputation management solution is to keep track of your brand’s online mentions, and correct any negative reviews before they damage its reputation permanently.

Look for a solution that offers real-time monitoring of all online platforms, keeping track of any mentions of the brand.


Tracking a large brand’s online mentions can yield a mountain of information. To ensure that you can easily and conveniently integrate this information into your decision making and marketing campaigns, you will need it to be processed into a compressed easy to understand format.

The best hotel reputation management software therefore should be one that produces informative reports by analyzing the relevant information collected all over the internet.

In a world where online conversations go viral and reach millions, if not billions of users, in a matter of hours, the need for effective and reliable hotel reputation management software cannot be further emphasized. After reading the above, you should have all you need to make an informed decision on the best solution for your specific establishment from the available selection.</p?