Hotel CRM Benefits

Managing a hotel is hard work. You need to coordinate the staff, the various teams, the maintenance works, and most importantly the clients. All these require strong organization skills and some effective tools to help you keep track of everything that happens in your hotel 24/7, all year round.

A reliable CRM system is one of the must-have tools any good hotel manager would use. If you haven’t considered getting such help already, this article will help you understand the main hotel CRM benefits that should make you start searching for suppliers right away.

First of all, this software tool will enable you to keep track of your clients. This will ease your work a lot, and will make these people believe you think about them all the time. Being able to wish them the best on their birthday, sending them flowers on a special occasion or inviting them to benefit from custom rates are not little things. Any client would be delighted to return to a hotel where they get such high-quality treatment.

This makes your hotel CRM software a powerful marketing and PR tool. This is only one of the many hotel CRM benefits you could take advantage of by implementing this system. It would take your employees very little time to enter the customer data into the system. As you collect most of these details anyway, why not put them to good use to impress your clients? This is what all major hotel chains do everywhere in the world. A good CRM system is their best kept secret that brings people closer to their hotels.

A CRM system would also enable you to keep track of your most important customers, in order to allocate your resources of time, energy and money to those accounts that have the biggest potential to help you grow your business. By collecting and analyzing customer data, you can generate statistics and reports that would enable you to segment your clients into several categories.

For instance, those clients with high financial power but low spending are an extremely interesting category. They could increase their spending exponentially, provided that you find their sweet spot and use it to your advantage. You need to direct most of your marketing efforts toward these clients who can afford your range of services.

Clients who have high financial power and also high spending volumes are also interesting, but their potential is a bit lower. They already spend their money in your hotel, so you may have to come up with new services in order to make them increase their level of spending.

Clients with lower financial power but relatively high expenditure are a category apart. They probably love your services, since they are willing to go the extra mile to enjoy staying in your hotel, even though they are at the higher limit of their budget. These customers are worth investing in, but not as good as the ones in the first two categories. By knowing who these people are, you can keep them close to you, but without investing a lot in heavy promotions of your most expensive services.

Clients who don’t have the financial power to use your services, but who may have ended up staying in your hotel for only a couple of nights are the ones with the lowest potential. They may never return, despite of all of your efforts yo bring them back. Since they cab;t afford your hotel, spending money to market your services to them would be a waste.

One of the biggest hotel CRM benefits is that it enables you to avoid wasting your advertising and marketing budgets on this category of clients that can’t bring you a good return on your investment.

You can use your hotel CRM system to analyze the opportunity to add new services or to bring improvements to your rooms or to the shared spaces in your hotel. You can use the system to store client reviews, and then create reports to help you understand what are the areas for improvement that would benefit you the most.

If, for instance, most clients complain about not having good wi-fi in certain areas, you’ll know that you’ll need to think about a solution to overcome this problem. If most clients skip the breakfast, you may want to take a closer look into their reasons for not enjoying a meal they have already paid for.

All these details are very difficult to track without a reliable software program to help you. Although a good CRM may seem to be a large investment, you can easily see that the benefits it offers outweigh by far your initial investment and the maintenance and upgrade costs. A good system that keeps tabs on your clients is a goldmine you should be keen on making the most of.

These are only a few of the many benefits a hotel CRM system can offer you. If you find it difficult to manage all of your daily chores and all customer requests, you should consider making a change in the way you see your hotel business and the overall hospitality industry.

When it comes to being hospitable, the needs and the desires of your clients should have a high position on your list of priorities. Nothing can be worse than an angry client writing bad reviews all over the place and telling people to stay away from your hotel. You should make sure such things are as rare as possible. The only way to achieve this is by understanding the needs of your clients.