GuestDelight connects directly with your guests so you can communicate with them in your own way. With our reputation management software, your guests will be able to easily communicate with you either through their computer or mobile device. By making your hotel more user-friendly, you will see better reviews and more customers coming in your doors.


Optimal handling of the data of your hotel guests? GuestDelight helps you get on your way with GDPR.
  • GDPR is effective from May 25, 2018
  • Manage the details of your hotel guests correctly
  • GuestDelight advises & offers the right technology
  • This way you are in control & communicating optimally
As of May 25, 2018, GDPR is in force: the general regulation that should better protect the data of European citizens. As a hotelier you usually have data about your guests – and use them to communicate with them. How do you deal with that now? GuestDelight is happy to help you to be in line with GPDR and to communicate with your guests in the best possible way.

Companies that collect personal data must comply with the rules of GDPR from 25 May 2018. The definition of this data is very wide – from name and address to e-mail and photos. Thanks to your contacts with your guests, you as a hotelier have now collected a lot of that data. They are very valuable, because they enable you to communicate directly and thus provide optimal service.

GDPR requires hotels, among other things, to work transparently and to provide citizens with clear information about how their data are used. In addition, the data must, for example, be quickly erased if the person in question requests this. Last but not least, companies must always ask citizens for permission to use their personal data for further purposes.

GDPR as a duty and an opportunity for hoteliers

As a hotelier, you have also become a data controller. In the meantime, you have put a lot of time and effort into building valuable contacts. And so you are left with a lot of questions. Can you still send e-mails to your guests? How do you ensure that you are in line with GDPR? The new regulations provide headaches, but in a sense can also be an opportunity. Because showing your guests that you are actively investing in the protection of their data creates a favorable trust factor.

With GuestDelight you get more from GDPR

GuestDelight has the know-how and the tools to guide you on your way to GDPR Compliancy. Based on a targeted audit of your operation and your data files, we draw up a customized action plan. Then we can link GuestDelight 3.0 to it. The latest version of our GuestDelight platform, which enables you to optimally run the communication with your guests – personally, recruiting and in line with GDPR.

With the 360 ​​° solution from GuestDelight you can tick off the complete GDPR checklist. This way we take all necessary aspects into account:

  • An internal audit, as the basis for a customized action plan.
  • Functionalities for the consent of data processing, such as opt-in & opt-out.
  • Transparent communication about the how & why of data collection.
  • Training & awareness around GDPR.
  • All required legal.
  • A system for removing personal data.
  • Crisis planning in case of data leaks.
  • Access procedures for different functions.
  • Data protection of minors.
  • Data protection officer.

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Discover how our insights and our technology make the difference. In no time we ensure that you are in line with GDPR, so that you can communicate optimally and carefree again with your guests. Contact GuestDelight today.
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